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The all-time-high price of Cronos was $0,97. Of course, we all want to know what the Cronos price will do in the future and if the price will rise in the near and far future. What are the Cronos predictions for this year? What do experts say about the Cronos price? Today we will talk about the latest developments and Cronos projects that are currently in the picture. Do you want to buy Cronos? You can directly buy Cronos at FTX Token.

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Marketcap CRO


Vol (24U)


24H Range

$0,06 – $0,06

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Cronos prediction for 2021-2022

It is not easy to predict the precise price of Cronos for the future. No one can predict the future and lately we see that the prices of crypto are very volatile and the news has a big influence on this. We see big price rises when there is positive news and big Cronos price falls when there is less positive or news that puts the crypto in a bad spot. We saw in the near past that when Tesla founder Elon Musk posted a tweet with something related to crypto, a big price dip or rise was the reaction. This shows the importance of following the news and staying up to date with the latest updates on your favourite cryptocurrencies.

An investor who is interested in making profit on the short term is called a crypto day trader. Day traders hold crypto for a short period and sell them when they make a small or big profit. Usually, they have a certain price goal in mind and use orders to sell when these are reached. Day traders are making technical analysis very often. Doing this helps them make the right decisions on which crypto to invest.


Cronos prijs$0,06
Market cap rank36
Circulating supply25.263.013.692
Market cap$1.521.470.940
Trading volume 24h$3.479.052
Market cap dominance0,13%
All time high$0,97
Since all time highdecrease of 93,77%
24h rangeincrease of 0,11%
52wk rangedecrease of 64,33%
CRO/BTC ratio$0,06(CRO)/$26.835,00(BTC)

Details Cronos

Founded 2018-11-14
Crypto symbol CronosCRO
Type of coincentralized exchange (cex)
Price during ICOUnknown

Price Changes CRO

CRO price previous 24 hoursincrease of 0,11%
Price previous 7 daysdecrease of 3,79%
Price previous 30 daysdecrease of 19,49%
Price previous 365 daysdecrease of 64,33%
Market count12

What is Cronos?

Cronos is active since 2018-11-14. Since their starting period a lot has happened, and the price has risen a lot as we have seen. There also have been a lot of developments and Cronos projects since then and Cronos has grown into a very big cryptocurrency. 

Currently Cronos has a max circulating supply of and is ranked on the spot of 36 on the world’s ranking of cryptocurrencies. The all-time high price of Cronos is $0,97.

Actual Crypto Cronos Price | Is Cronos going to rise in price?

In the past 24 hours the Cronos price has shifted a bit. You can see the actual price in the graph on this page. Here we share the actual price of Cronos:

Current price: $0,06

Our prices are currently updated and in Realtime. We use different sources to have the most accurate data. Sometimes prices can vary between exchanges, make sure to always double check. Therefore, we recommend using a trustworthy exchange such as FTX Token, where you know the prices are always very accurate.

Latest Cronos news

Being aware of the news that is going on in relation to the crypto Cronos is crucial for investors. Doing this makes sure you won’t be surprised by big price dips or other. We can recommend you follow certain crypto groups on social media such as Facebook, Telegram or Twitter. This way you make sure you don’t miss any Cronos updates. Reddit is also a very good platform for crypto fanatics. The Reddit page for Cronos is https://www.reddit.com/r/Crypto_com/. Make sure to stay updated with the latest news to make the best of your investments.

FAQ [ccw_coin_name]

The big question is, to buy or not buy Cronos? At the end our team cannot give any financial advice and you must answer this for yourself. Make sure to watch the crypto news, read about the cryptocurrency Cronos, check what different experts are saying and make your own decision.

Of course, we cannot say this for sure. But if we look at the current crypto market, there are still a lot of possibilities for growth in general, and for Cronos. Recently we have seen a big dip in the crypto market (mid 2021) and usually after a dip we see a rise in value. Our team has very optimistic predictions for the future of Cronos.