What about unbanked people?

There are people who have no bank account and access to financial services in more than 100 countries of the world. The total population of these countries exceeds 2 billion people. At the same time most of them own a cell phone and have signed a contract with telecom operator. We build a product with a goal to help these people in sending and accepting money without purchasing a computer, smartphone or even opening a bank account.

43 000 000 Transactions

Mobile Money providers are processing more than 43 million transactions per day, on average 30,000 per minute.

$22,000,000,000 / Month

In December 2016 the industry processed more than US $22 Billion in transactions.

4,3M Mobile Money Agents

4,3 millions of registered Mobile Money Agents globally.

$269B Market

$269 bln value of transactions are performed every year.

556M Accounts / World

556 Mln of registered Mobile Accounts across the world.

3B Smartphones till 2020

3 Bln of smartphones will be sold by 2020.


We change the way the money transfer

Blockchain technology enables fast, secure and comission-free money transactions

Innovative e-payment system

That enables safe cross-border Mobile money transfers.

Cashing out in local currency

Or products of the local mobile Operator: (mobile money and airtime).

Unique and discreet system operating

Transactions between the customers, settling deals between the partners.

Fast. Secure. Cheap.

The system of tokens bound to the local currencies, granting fast, secure and cheap remittances.

Increased levels of user trust

Simple and clear mechanism for converting fiat to e-currencies.

Ensured stability of exchange rates

Tokens are issued only if fiat money are submitted into the system.




Here's a fact

With more than 271 services in 93 countries, mobile money represents a considerable breakthrough for the financial services. Compared to global money transfer operators, the cost of sending international remittances through mobile money is, on average, 50 per cent less expensive. Billions of underserved consumers can look to benefit from the more accessible, reachable, and assured money transfer services employed by mobile money.

Two or more MM services

One MM service

ММ service is planned to be launched by the end of 2017.



The arrangement of a private Blockchain system may even still further (in comparison with a public Blockchain one) lower the remittance fees within the network.

It is proposed to organize a private Blockchain system as follows: the virtual Bank4YOU Group’s divisions (private nodes) will serve as nodes for transaction verification within the consortium of Organizations participating in the system of international payment transfers. They will provide fast and cheap validation of transactions made by other network members. It is assumed that as the popularity of the system grows, mobile operators will have an economic incentive for placing the peer-to-peer nodes of the system in their data centers. This can significantly reduce the transaction costs associated with money circulation.


ICO Details

Pre Sale

7 days

6.11.2017 - 12.11.2017

Bonus: +20%

1 Round

14 days

13.11.2017 - 26.11.2017

Bonus: +15%

2 Round

20 days

27.11.2017 - 17.12.2017

Bonus: +10%

3 Round

103 days

18.12.2017 - 31.03.2018

Without Bonus


Crowdfunfing instrument made on Ethereum blockchain. 80% of tokens will be sold during the crowdsale.


This token is designed to be a stable inner currency. All the operations inside the system Bank4YOU use MMR, which is not influenced by the volatility.


In order to make payment you should be registered in a personal account and follow instructions.


300.000.000 BEEFY


$0,21 The exchange rate in case of payment in BTC, ETH is fixed at the market level (in US dollars for unit of crypto currency) on the date of receipt of the payment.




The referral program works by means of distribution of a referral code and provides fixed remuneration at a rate of 40 BEEFY. The main condition should be followed such as there should be BEEFY tokens purchased during the ICO campaign on the user's account. The one who sent and the one who activated the referral BEEFY code will receive bonus at a rate of 20 BEEFY each and referral tokens will be granted after the end of ICO only to those who made an investment and will be sent to the user's Bank4YOU wallet.



About Bank4YOU Group

B4You Limited was established in 2013 and headquartered in London, UK. In 2017 this company together with the other group companies formed Bank4YOU Group, an international consortium of fin-tech service companies operating successfully within the electronic mobile payment services arena. B4You Limited is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to enter into regulated credit agreements as lender (excluding high-cost short-term credit, bill of sale agreement, and home collected credit agreement), permission notice No 715451 as of 23 August 2016. Please note that money transfers to be conducted via MMR system shall not be performed on the basis of the FCA authorization mentioned above.

Bank4YOU Group mission is to enable customers to access easy and convenient mobile services, saving on time and resources.

We already own unique card solutions packed with a range of state of the art mobile banking services. In addition, easy-to-use free of charge mobile Bank4You app, created by a team of experienced fin-tech specialists.

Bank4YOU’s original products

BUY 5000 Tokens and get it for free!



Bank4YOU offers a beneficial card for active business persons, who travel frequently. The efficient tool for carrying out salary projects of corporate customers.

BUY 15000 Tokens and get it for free!


Premium Card4YOU

Ideal card for exceptional customer experience. Best set of features capable to satisfy most demanding clients along with with premium VAT refunding option.


Mobile Banking app

Mobile wallet app available both in App Store and Google Play was designed specially for those feeling crucial need in personal finance management.


  • 2013

    Establishment of Bank4YOU

  • 2015

    Implementation of Bank4YOU card solutions

  • 2016 Q1

    Launch of mobile banking app followed by its release on App Store and Google Play

  • 2016 Q4

    Transformation into Bank4YOU Group due to business growth and market expansion

  • 2017 Q4

    ICO Mobile Money Remittance System project launch

  • 07.11.2017

    Participation at FinovateAsia 2017. Presentation of demo version of mobile app with MMRS functionality.

  • 2018 Q1

    Creation of Bank4YOU mobile network operator consortium to provide digital infrastructure for MMRS project

  • 2018 Q3

    MMRS project beta version launch

  • 2018 Q4

    MMRS final version release

Smart Contract

Bank4YOU Group Announces Smart Contract Deployment. All token purchasers shall have their BEEFY released to them during the month following the end of the token sale.

Information on Etherscan

Source code on Github


Shantnu Saxena
Chief executive officer

Remittance Industry expert with over 10 years of experience in UK, Europe, Africa and Middle East. Worked and consulted to top companies in traditional money, digital money and mobile Apps. Responsible for building global networks, integrating with Telecom/Tech companies and built bespoke models between Fintech and traditional MTO’s. An expert in growing business from the early stages. Specialising in Remittance Services & Technology, Mobile Money and Retail.

Adam Lane
Managing director

Experienced financial services, recruitment, employment, and logistics sectors professional. Provides incisive business development strategy expertise to set company apart. Outstanding experience in new business development and management. 10+ years experience in developing innovative product solutions.

Peter Davis
Chief financial officer

Strong and skilled financial manager/expert highly -endorsed for business and strategic planning. 8+ years financial consultant experience. 6+ years financial controller experience.

Justin McCarthy
Chief marketing officer

Advertising and marketing communications professional with strong expertise in integrated marketing and digital strategy. Founder of Project UBU, an initative assigning economic value to every human. Client services director at Bates 141, DDB, Publicis, Young & Rubicam Group, TBWA/Gavin Reddy.

Tariyel Tahirov
Vice president, business development, Middle East and СIS

Experienced sales manager with demonstrable history of working in banking industry. Skilled business planner with analytical skills in banking, sales, and credit analysis. Strong sales background.

Paul Griffiths
Chief Operating Officer

Entrepreneurial executive with strong start up/scale up experience. Mentor at Toucan boutique venture capital fund. Specialties: fast growth, fund raising (VC/PE, Bank, IPO), blockchain, crypto currencies & ICO.


Nicolas Kadri
Vice President for IR

Responsible for Relationships with investors. Business development and extensive experience in streamlining organizations. Internationally experienced business manager with a sales and marketing background in a range of different regions and different cultural environments. Negotiations, purchasing, high level sales. Takes business ventures from idea to reality.

Deborah Mills
Legal adviser

Practicing solicitor since 1990. Senior partner at Burlingtons Legal. Specialist technological project adviser.

Peter Burningham
Talent acquisition adviser

Global executive search consultant. 22 years executive directing experience at Cummins Inc, a US Fortune 500 power company. Led multi-national retail distribution business of almost 1,000 people.

Andrew Malek
Banking Technology Consultant

Consultant with 10 years infrastructure engineer/analyst and media/web development experience. Managed small to large scale networks with budgets in excess of £2.5million. Provider of analysis and solutions across range of industries, including banking, legal, and media.

Malcolm Bloom
Financial Adviser

Lead business analyst with 20+ years experience in financial services. Works as lead business analyst at Lloyds Banking Group, UK. Extensive experience at all levels of project life-cycle. Technology enthusiast focused on current demand in cloud, blockchain, and distributed ledger solutions.

Shahnawaz Aziz
Technical Architecture Adviser

Technologist at heart and visionary to solve complex solution using social, cloud, mobile and big data technology. Over 21 years of IT experience in management, architecture, designing and developing software applications across Financial Services, Investment Banking, Captive Finance.

Brennan Bennett
Blockchain Technology & Strategy Advisor

Brennan has been advising such projects at BitJob, Oceanus Foundation, Rockt and Blockchain in Healthcare Today. He participated in a number of Blockchain projects, where he developed ROI strategy for Blockchain data governance. His deep knowledge of E-commerce and Digital Marketing.

Legal advisors

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